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No Sunday Booze and Other Vital Issues Facing the Legislature!


Well, if you were hoping for the opportunity to go out and buy a six-pack on Sundays, it looks like the Legislature has dashed your hopes! One of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s front-page headlines today announced that it looks like Sunday liquor sales will not be put to the public vote this year. The Senate Rules Committee did not bring up the bill when setting it’s agenda for today, the day when bills must have passed at least one chamber to stay alive for this year’s session.

Other bills which won’t stay alive this session:

*Senate Bill 136-which would require sellers of prepaid cellphones to register personal information about buyers for law enforcement purposes

*Senate Bill 259-which limits use of no-knock warrants

*Senate Bill 283-which would create Confederate History and Heritage Month

I really hate to see Senate Bill 283 go. I am a Georgia resident who was born here and have lived here all my life. I have many ancestors who fought in the Civil War. For a short time at least, the “Confederate States of America” was a country. It is part of our history and part of the heritage of many people, both Southerners and Northerners. We should remember it.

I’m also in favor of Senate Bill 259, limiting use of “no-knock” warrants. I’m decidedly not in favor of Senate Bill 136, requiring personal information to be collected when you purchase a prepaid cellphone. More invasion of our privacy. More information being collected on us by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Not to mention George!

Some bills whose chances are “iffy”:

*Senate Resolution 125- calling for a constitutional amendment to prohibit the use of lottery money for anything other than the HOPE Scholarship and pre-K programs.

*Senate Resolution 345-calling for a constitutional amendment to allow faith-based organizations to receive public funding.

I’m all for Resolution 125. This money is for the education of our children and young people. Leave it alone. We have enough problems funding education now. Don’t create more by siphoning off money that should be used for education. I can do without Resolution 345. First, there’s the separation of church and state issue. Then, there’s the fact that this would, at least in some ways, force religious organizations to answer to the government. If they receive government money, then they must account for how that money is spent. Our religious organizations may need the money, but they don’t need to have the government hanging over their collective shoulders.

Some bills with a good chance of surviving:

*House Bill 340-changes eligibility for PeachCare and reduces services

*House Bill 163-repeals prohibition on “payday lending” businesses

*Senate Bill 66-require doctors to offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions

I am totally DEAD-SET AGAINST Senate Bill 340. Our children need PeachCare. They already need better healthcare and more of it-and we propose to reduce the services they have and take it away from some of them altogether! What?!

I’m also against House Bill 163. Payday lenders are vultures. Many of us have enough problems paying our debts without these scavengers picking our bones.

I’m strongly FOR Senate Bill 66. If women are choosing to destroy a life, they should at least see that life before it’s destruction. This could help change their minds.

These are just a few of the issues currently facing the legislature and where I stand on them. For a more complete picture, see the Metro/Legislature & Politics section of the Journal-Constitution.

And, by all means, feel free to comment on your feelings about any of the bills facing our legislature. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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